What Do We Wear To PE

EY 5 has been discussing what we wear to PE and why to helps us. We have talked about hats, t-shirts, loose clothing, and bringing water bottles. Take a look at our PE Gear!!

  20150907_104325.jpg 20150907_104241.jpg 20150907_104215.jpg 20150907_104155.jpg 20150907_104118.jpg 20150907_104043.jpg 20150907_103959.jpg 20150907_103938.jpg 20150907_103912.jpg 20150901_125005.jpg 20150901_124823.jpg 20150901_124821.jpg 20150901_124819.jpg 20150901_124817.jpg 20150901_124814.jpg 20150901_124812.jpg 20150901_124809.jpg 20150901_124805.jpg 20150901_124754.jpg 20150901_124747.jpg 20150901_124745.jpg 20150901_124742.jpg 20150901_124731.jpg 20150901_124729.jpg 20150901_124727.jpg 20150901_124605.jpg 20150831_105632.jpg 20150831_105530.jpg 20150831_105454.jpg 20150831_105451.jpg 20150831_105448.jpg 20150831_105446.jpg 20150831_105433.jpg 20150831_105429.jpg 20150831_105423.jpg 20150831_105417.jpg 20150831_105415.jpg

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