Weekly Schedule

Please click the link below that will open up a .pdf file of our weekly schedule:
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Essential Agreements

Sample: As a class, we decided to keep our Essential Agreement short and simple. We also plan on revisiting these from time to time to update and revise.

  • Follow Directions First Time Given
  • Be Prepared (be organized, supplies ready, clean up…)
  • Follow the Golden Rule (use kind words and actions)
  • Be Honest (also, face and accept responsibility and consequences too!)
  • Use Indoor Voices With One Person Speaking at a Time
  • Remember to Respect Other People’s Things and Space

Class Routines

Sample: Below please find information regarding single subjects:

P.E. Days:
Please ensure your child brings in spare clothes and appropriate shoes for PE:

Wednesdays and Thursdays

Our set library times for checking out and returning books:

Music and Orchestra Days 
Please ensure your child brings his or her music and instrument:
Orchestra – Mondays
Music – Wednesdays

Starting in the second week of school, homework will be set from Monday to Thursday and should take around 45 minutes a night, including silent reading. Homework will consist of a variety of learning experiences that continue or extend their classroom learning. We ask that your child have reliable access to a home computer and internet.


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